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Essential Care
After Braces

Last Step for Beautiful Teeth

You’re about to have your braces off after months of treatment and you couldn’t be happier. But braces aren’t the final step to beautifully straight teeth. To ensure your teeth don’t shift back into their pre-treatment position, retention is necessary. By wearing retainers as instructed by Dr. Bart Miller, you won’t have to worry about undoing the results you’ve waited for. Dr. Miller provides various types of retainers and will direct you through this final step in your orthodontic treatment. If you need any kind of dental retainer in Rockwall and Canton, TX, he’s the doctor to see.

A renowned orthodontist, Dr. Miller specializes in identifying, preventing, and treating teeth alignment issues and neuromuscular and skeletal defects of the orofacial area. Though many general dentists can provide braces and retainers, they lack advanced orthodontic training. After graduating from dental school, Dr. Miller completed a further two years of residency training in an intensive orthodontic specialty program. With the combination of his extended education and nearly 20 years in practice, he has the best qualifications to provide all phases of your care—including a dental retainer in Rockwall and Canton, TX.

Orthodontic Retainers
Keep Your Smile Straight

We have retainers to fit your needs and preferences. Remember, we offer low-pressure consultations where determining the right solution for you—not selling you something—is our primary objective. All of our retainers are customized to fit you:

Clear Retainer

This is a removable, clear plastic tray that Dr. Miller fits over your teeth. Like Invisalign®, this is designed to provide discreet treatment.

Traditional Retainer

This is a removable appliance made from acrylic and wire that we place along the front side of your teeth. The acrylic parts sit on your palate and on the lingual (tongue) side of your lower teeth.

Bonded Retainer

This is a thin, fixed (meaning non-removable) wire that we temporarily bond to the lingual side surfaces of your front teeth.

Consistency is key

Our goal is that your teeth will stay straight for a lifetime after braces. But this is only possible if you use your dental retainer as instructed. Wear your retainer every day for the best results. Skipping just one or two days can cause setbacks in your treatment. Also, be sure to clean your retainer multiple times each day, as it may become stained easily or collect food debris. You don’t want those newly straightened teeth developing cavities! You may need to wear your retainer up to one year; Dr. Miller will let you know when you no longer need to use it. With your treatment completed, you can fully enjoy your smile without any appliances.

Your Smile

An orthodontic retainer is the way.

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